Beach Energy jumps 19 per cent after resuming trading

By | octubre 2, 2017
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Beach Energy has seen a 19 per cent price spike this morning after resuming trading.

This spike has been driven by near-unanimous support for the company’s Institutional Entitlement Offer, which recorded a take-up rate of 98 per cent.

The movement marks a nine month high, and follows its recent $1.6b acquisition of Lattice Energy.

It recorded an 18.88 per cent in price this morning, as it announced the successful completion of its institutional offering, raising $201 million of its targeted $301 million.

This was due to its major shareholder, Seven Group Holdings, pre-commitment to its full equity entitlement and SGH’s sub-underwriting the offer.

Beach Energy chief executive Matt Kay said the company was extremely pleased with its institutional shareholders support of the Lattice Energy acquisition.

«A near record institutional take-up level of over 98 per cent demonstrates this, and is an endorsement of the transaction’s compelling logic,» Mr Kay said.

Beach is now focused on raising the remaining $100 million through its 3 for 14 accelerated non-renounceable pro-rate entitlement offer, which will open on Thursday.

The company has been the ASX’s top performer today.

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